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How To Use
Random Log

This is a tool for collating and formatting Dominion logs from Dominion Online at ShuffleIt. To begin, get the accompanying Tampermonkey script.

Then, go to Dominion Online, and click "New Table" -> "Load Old Game"

Then, input the game number, and hit "Grab Logs". Don't leave the tab or click anything until the script is done running (when you're pushed back to the lobby, and a new tab opens with your parsed log). That's it!

Logs are accessible at ceviri.me/woodcutter/game-number/display

Alternatively, you can process multiple logs at once. Create a new table, then

Click on the 'Grab Logs' button

Enter every log that you want to process, separated by commas. It helps if you turn off every Autoplay before doing this. If the process gets stuck at any point, the safest thing to do is to close the tab.